Birthday Party for Y&Z Staff

To combine work and rest for employees, every year, almost every month Y&Z Beauty will organize members in this family to hold the birthday party for staff who were born in that month.

Because of corona virus, it has been pushed the pause button this year.


On August, everything is getting better. So Cindy (the Owner of Y&Z) decided to recover the birthday party.

We truthfully enjoy this time, which can make us relaxed and build up the spirit of solidarity.

Let’s have a look at the photos.


We sang the song “ Happy Birthday to You.”


Make a wish

HR Department prepares a nice cake for the staff who was born in August.


Besides, there are pizza, fried chicken,candy and fruits. Good time.


Cut and share the cake.:)

The owner of Y&Z Beauty always accompany us.


At this moment, we’d like to say “ thanks” to every customer for your supports all the way.

Y&Z Beauty and all the staff will endeavor best to improve the products’ quality and service.


Perfect end of August, and hello to September.

Hope Y&Z will get better and better.